The Platform:
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
The Project:   Installation of a Heffner Twin Turbo System
Owner: Alex of SP Engineering

Here is a shot of the completed engine compartment.
The black finish is the perfect compliment to the Superleggera in our opinion.
We made a few preliminary pulls.

Then we decided to see what the numbers are  on 20 pounds of boost.

1103.30  !!!
The car is complete and on it's way back to California.
We'll stay on Alex to get us some video of this monster in action once it gets home.

Thanks for the interest in this build.

We hope this was able to provide some useful information.

We thought the black finish might enhance this build because it looks a bit more "race car".
The hot side parts are ceramic coated. They can be done in a number of colors. The shiny silver finish is the most common but for this car we decided to do something a little different on this build.
Once the parts are all welded together they get sent out for different treatments.
The cold side piping can be either polished or powder coated.
The mandrel bends are then cut, sanded, fit into a fixture and welded together.  All parts are TIG welded and filled with argon gas during the welding process which is known as purge welding. Purging the pipes makes a nice looking, strong weld inside and out.
The Turbo System

The turbo system for the most part starts out as high quality stainless steel mandrel bent tubing
Once the internal upgrades are completed the engine is carefully reassembled and installed in the car.
As well as adding significant strength to the rotating assembly this combination also lowers the compression ratio to get it ready to handle lots of boost
The Engine Build

As usual, the engine was bored out and had steel cylinder liners installed as well as a set of Carrillo connecting rods and CP pistons. All of these parts are proprietary to Heffner Performance. Below are pictures to show the differences between the stock rods and pistons and the Heffner / Carrillo rods and the Heffner / CP pistons
Here are a few shots of the engine removal process.
Next we figured it would be nice to see if the Superleggera makes any more power than a normal Gallardo. It does!
The car is impressively light in comparison to a standard Gallardo.
When the car arrived we thought it would be interesting to see what the US Superleggera weighed so we placed it on the scales to find out.
We were happy to see the project completed.

We unstrapped it from the Dyno and headed out for a Test drive.

This thing is incredibly fun!